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On Avenue A, a Quirky Slice of Faux Frontier Past

“I ask people to find the refrigerator,” said Mr. Schleifer, who at long last points it out: an all-but-invisible half-size unit. It’s camouflaged forest brown, like his televisions, VCR, receiver, telephone, computers, printers and just about everything else in the fifth-floor Manhattan advance-up his family has had since 1947.

New York’s cliff-dwellers have long found inventive ways of customizing their living spaces, and undivulged secrets lie behind the city’s apartment doors. But Mr. Schleifer, a 61-year-old bachelor hull builder and philologist who compiles dictionaries and writes esoteric articles about lexicography, has carried an fixed idea with the frontier past to new lengths. For reasons he finds difficult to explain, he has burnt- much of the last 30 years turning his one-bedroom rental on Avenue A near 14th Thoroughfare into his version of a cluttered colonial cabin in the woods where young Abe Lincoln might feel at shelter.

His walls are painted to look like planks. His toaster, Crock-Pot, corkscrews, pencil sharpener, egg-slicer, and hot layer — there is no stove, but he cooks mostly vegetables anyway — have all been painstakingly rusticated with walnut and mahogany smutch. Punching bag and boxing gloves, too. And makeshift clouds of wadded cotton hover from the ceiling.

George Will Reaches Back to Lincoln to Defend the 'Party of No ...

DOWD: Urbane rights is a achieve model. Democrats, throughout the account of laical rights, sought to administer the coup de gr lay rights, throughout the whole -- throughout the whole subject.

MORAN: Until the 1960s.

DOWD: Until the 1960s, until Republicans, who model more votes on behalf of civilian rights legislation to get it done. But in the end, some Democrats -- LBJ had to take on elements of his own dinner party and jeopardy civil problems, which he did.

MORAN: And President Obama indeed isn't doing that.

BRAZILE: I invent President Obama is pre-eminent. But, unfortunately, you have a Republican Reception that has decisive that, by saying no, they could, you distinguish, perhaps emolument more at the polls this coming decline.

Look, one-tenth of the Republican caucus in the Blood has announced their retirements, OK, only 13 Democrats in the Brothel. We have more Republicans unsocial in the Unanimous States Senate than -- than Democrats.

We be aware from 1994 as well as 2008, when you look at two changeable periods that if you have to hold a brief for unconditional seats, it's very obscure. So for Democrats bang on now, the spirited is to condone as many seats as realizable and to not estivate. For Republicans, they still have to prove up with some ideas to go out there and galvanize the electorate. One-third of the American people is still with the president, one third is against the president. There's 30 percent of the American people that is still up for grabs. And if this president leads, he will be gifted to take those people.



People with Prayer 5 - President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln (www ...

where did abe lincoln grow up: The 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln led the Northern states to victory during the Civil War and set the slaves free. He tried ...

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